Past Program

Writing Enrichment 2: Current Events

 Students were taught:

  • The structure and important elements of a news article (headline, byline, lead paragraph, supporting evidence, interview quotations.)
  • Writing an effective lead paragraph
  • Concise writing techniques
  • Editing and revision skills

Students read a selection of articles from major news sources including the South China Morning Post, The Guardian, The New York Times, CNN


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Ryan Yuen


Writing Enrichment 1: Adventure Stories

 This week we studied adventure stories using excerpts from The Adventures of Tom Saywer and Alex Ryder. Students were taught:

  • Elements of adventure stories (motivating act, journey act, goal act)
  • Plot elaboration and obstacles
  • Character descriptions
  • Personification

The students came up with a variety of creative adventure stories of their own- from a tale of a journey to a far away fighting competion to this account of two brothers' quest to survive a zombie disaster! 

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Joshua Cheung

Y7, Renaissance College

Meet the Restaurant Owner


The restaurant, Sift, was cleverly perched on a hill, and by the time I climbed up, I was already exhausted. Grateful to have sat down, the menu seemed doubly pleasing. I ordered a cupcake ($22), and while waiting, the simple, yet pleasing décor attracted me. The ambient lighting and paintings really fit the time of the restaurant. The sight of other customers quietly enjoying their food gave me a lot to look forward to.

I found the service polite and not overpowering, unlike some restaurants who want you to order and finish your meal as fast as possible. After asking for water, the polite waitress was eager – almost rushed – to get me water. It was quite a surprise, as water is considered a precious commodity in some places. Once the cupcake arrived, I was surprised by the level of detail and effort put into the cupcake, with soft icing on top of a soft cupcake. I liked how the icing and cupcake tasted separately, but they didn’t go well together, as they were both too sweet and soft, and the cupcake was nearly crushed in my hand. However, the pure air and the ambient design really made the cupcake taste better than if, say, I took it to-go and ate it outside. I also ordered a shiitake hibiscus ice cream (25 million yen, or $25), which was ice cream with shiitake flavor, topped with hibiscus petals. It was really good, especially how the soft hibiscus petals supplemented the hard “shiitake” flavor of the ice cream. As with the cupcake, there was also an amazing amount of detail put into the shiitake ice cream, with shiitake sprinklings all over the ice cream. Cleverly placed golden pearls made an angry face (or a smiley face depending on which way you looked at it). The finesse of the ice cream was incredible, and I was amazed by how quickly they served it. The service truly is top notch. 

The restaurant was run by a woman named Jennifer. She started the restaurant after studying at Harvard and culinary school; she was even the apprentice of the legendary Thomas Keller. She has opened 5 other dessert restaurants, and she herself monitors over them.

Despite the sky high prices, I really enjoyed the restaurant, and for those of you who aren’t sure if a $150 corkage fee is worth it, just try the shiitake hibiscus ice cream; it’s worth it. I also really like the ambient décor of the restaurant, which is almost like an appetizer by itself. My only complaints were that the cupcake was too sweet, and the shiitake ice cream had too much shiitake on it.

William Sun

G8, Elsa High School
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  • Weekly courses from Jun 25 to Aug 17

  • Structure:
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  • Daily from Monday to Friday
  • 2 hours (essay writing) / 3.5 hours (full course)
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