CURRENT EVENTS | Grade 5 to 10

Focusing on U.S. politics, the Current Events course establishes a foundation of awareness and inquiry, providing opportunities for cooperative learning, discussion and debates, and purposeful follow-up writing.

• Do I make sense? (Grade 5-6): Build logical flow in oral and written delivery, from making assumptions and tying in evidence to transitioning between arguments and drawing conclusions

• That's a great comeback! (Grade 7-8): Present opinions in a more comprehensive manner, understand opposing views and build effective counterarguments

• Is this argument valid? (Grade 9-10): Arm students with media literacy tools to identify fallacies, distinguish between sensationalism and solid journalism, and argue with evidence-based statements


GRAMMAR & WRITING | Grade 1 to 10

• Writing Foundation - Fantasy (Grade 1-5): Let your imagination run wild! Younger students will be introduced to the fantasy world of mystical animals, inventing their own characters and adventures.

• Writing Enrichment - Action (Grade 6-10): Older students will be challenged to write an action-packed piece, applying advanced literary devices to set up an effective climax, leaving their readers breathless!



• Interview Course (K2 only): A focused program to develop key areas commonly assessed in interviews i.e. comprehension, sequencing, storytelling, puzzles, problem solving etc.

• Moral Stories (K1-3): Learn valuable lessons in compassion, integrity and responsibility through reading fables and folktales. Little ones build word bank, develop comprehension skills and apply creativity in making their own storybooks.



• Boost vocabulary and analytical skills through a wide variety of reading material. Daily spelling bee, dictation and comprehension activities are designed to mimic formats tested in local schools.


Easter Workshops

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