Practice makes perfect! Clarify tricky concepts and eliminate common errors with this camp. Review tests will reinforce concepts and help achieve accuracy and consistency in application.

  • Grade 1: Parts of Speech, Capitalization, Punctuation, Present & Past Tense, Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Grade 2: Plurals, Punctuation, Verb conjugation, Homophones & Homonyms, Speech Marks, Irregular Past Tense, Prepositions
  • Grade 3: Irregular Tenses, Sentence Types, Tricky Apostrophes, Continuous Tense, Preposition and Simple Phrasal Verbs
  • Grade 4: Run-on and Fragments, Tricky puncutation rules, Simile & Metaphors, Idioms, Simple mixed tenses, Future tense, Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Grade 5: Run-ons, Conditionals, Tricky Subject-verb agreement rules, Phrases and Clauses, Imagery, Personification, Past Perfect Tense & Mixed Tenses, Phrasal Verbs, Shades of Meaning, Analogies

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