Terms & Conditions

Please note that the below terms and conditions only apply to regular term classes. Please refer to specific holiday workshop application forms for holiday program terms and conditions. Thank you.


Enrollment is confirmed upon the receipt of your application form and the settlement of your full payment in the form of check or cash. Enrollment is continuous and on a first-come first-serve basis.

The first writing assessment is free of charge. Subsequent writing assessments are priced at $200 each.

Effective from 20th August 2013, a non-refundable registration fee of $200 will be charged for all new enrollments.


Full tuition for all enrolled modules is due one week prior to the first class. Tuition fees are pro-rated for late starters.

You are required to let us know at time of payment if your child will be missing any of the classes. Tuition fees shall be pro-rated accordingly. Apart from situations stipulated under "Cancellation, Transfer and Refund" in our terms and conditions, we regret that no refunds will be granted for classes that have been paid for.

Space in class is confirmed only upon the settlement of full payment. If full payment is not received by student's first class, we reserve the right to discontinue participation of the student until full tuition payment has been received.

A fee of $200 will be charged for bounced checks.

For all regular term students enrolled for the writing program and kindergarten topical course, there will be a $100 fee per term (12 classes or less) for course materials which include online student writing portal service and professionally printed workbooks. $150 will be charged to replace a lost workbook.

Makeup Class

Makeup classes will be granted for missed classes with one week’s prior notice or if student is sick with the presentation of a doctor's note.

Each student is subject to TWO makeup classes for a term of 12 paid classes, ONE makeup class for 11 paid classes and none for a term of 10 or less paid classes. Makeup clases cannot be carried over to any subsequent term. 

Makeup classes are not transferable between students, modules or programs.

Makeup classes are subject to availability and we will try our best to place your child in a class at the same level. If such class is unavailable, we shall use our best effort to offer a private session (shorter in duration than a normal group class) subject to our available time slots. We will try our best to accommodate your child. However, we do not guarantee the availability of your desired class time.

Parents are responsible to initiate arrangement of makeup classes within one week of missing class. Students shall attend makeup classes within one month of missing class.

An outstanding makeup class will be forfeited and will not receive a refund.

For private classes, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ advance notice to cancel or reschedule a class unless the student is sick with the presentation of a doctor’s note. Otherwise, class will be charged in full if cancellations are made less than 24 hours or without a doctor’s note.

No makeup classes will be offered for holiday courses, including summer, Christmas, CNY and Easter.

Cancellation, Transfer and Refund

We reserve the right to cancel a class. Unless such class is cancelled due to weather conditions, a full refund will be issued.

We reserve the right to cancel an enrollment for any reason we see fit and issue a full refund of the tuition for the remaining classes.

Classes paid in full are not transferable.

Public Holidays and Weather Conditions

We are closed on public holidays.

We do not hold classes when typhoon signal 8 or black rain signal is hoisted. In cases when such weather signals are lowered two hours before the scheduled start time of the class, students are expected to attend class as normal.

We do not schedule makeup classes or refunds for classes cancelled due to weather conditions.


All of The Open Classroom's materials are strictly limited for our current students and may not be reproduced, republished, distributed or otherwise exploited in any manner without our company’s prior written consent.

The Open Classroom's name and logo and all related trademarks, and other intellectual property are the property of The Open Classroom and cannot be used without our company’s prior written consent.

Soliciting our employees and staff for tutorial outside of The Open Classroom without our company's permission is strictly forbidden.

The Open Classroom reserves the right to cancel and refund any class with less than three students.


The Open Classroom will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, losses and damages to the students and their belongings. You further agree to waive any and all claims you may have against, and release from all liability, and agree not to sue The Open Classroom and its officers, employees, agents, volunteers and representatives for any personal injury, accident, property damage or loss sustained as a result of your child's participation in any activities held within or outside our premise during class time, arising out of any cause whatsoever.

Unless notified in writing by the parent, we reserve the rights to use the works, photos, sound recordings and videos of our students for The Open Classroom’s curriculum, teaching and marketing material.

The Open Classroom reserves the right of final decision.