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Combining career exploration and social awareness, students will achieve the following learning goals:

  1. General Knowledge: Through meeting and interviewing an industry veteran, students can explore a profession in-depth and the required skills, learning topical knowledge related to that profession.
  2. Writing: Students will learn and apply vocabulary related to the profession in their final outputs, which will be closely related to the week’s topic. In that way, they can learn to write with relevance and context.
  3. Speaking: By preparing for interviews with industry experts, students will practise critical thinking and interview skills. They will also present their work to peers through jigsaw learning and/or deliver formal presentations to the class.
  4. Other Skills: Critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, work ethics, and greater social awareness.

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Jun 17 to Aug 30

  • Structure:
  • 5-day workshop
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • Monday to Friday
  • 1.5 hours
  • Downloads: