WRITING WORKSHOP ON FANTASY & SCI-FI (G1-10): Let your imagination lead the way through tales of extraordinary worlds and fantastic beasts. Learn how to structure suspenseful encounters with strong vocabulary and vivid descriptions!

  • Older students will develop surreal worlds unlike our own where nothing is as it seems and there are secrets around every corner.
  • Younger students will create their own supernatural creatures that could fit right into the mystical universe of Harry Potter.

VOCAB & COMPREHENSION (Grade 1-6): Expand your word bank and reading analysis skills! Students will learn to read efficiently and infer information with precision.

CURRENT EVENTS (Grades 3-8): Discuss news articles, take a stand and form opinions while exploring challenging topics including whether social media is harmful and if artificial intelligence could help us.

GRAMMAR & WRITING  (Grade 1-6): An efficient course to refine grammar skills and put them to use! Topics include tenses, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and phrasal verbs.

KINDERGARTEN TOPICAL (K2-3): When Santa isn't working, where does he go? Join him on his exciting trips to an African savannah, the Amazon rainforest, the South Pole and the deep Pacific Ocean!

PRIVATE CLASSES (Any age): Take advantage of the holiday break to prep for an entrance exam, a school interview, standardized tests or school work! 

Xmas Workshops

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Dec 18-21 & Jan 2-4

  • Structure:
  • 4-Day & 3-Day Workshops
  • Downloads: