Program Vision

Program Stages 

Personal Consultation & Mentor Matching (about 1 hour/person)
Students will participate in an individual consultation with a professionally trained personality typist and a lead mentor. This consultation will allow the student to be matched with a mentor based on the student’s career interest as well as growth areas.

Professionalism Module                                                                              Students will receive a primer in professional etiquette and networking in order to enable them to get the most from the job shadowing experience.

Job Shadowing Session – Within July & August (3 full days)
Each participant will be responsible for communicating directly with their assigned mentors to schedule 3 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) of job-shadowing. Mentors have been briefed and will ensure the days chosen will include meaningful work or job experience. Mentors will also spend time with the students to discuss on their personal development and contributions.

Personal Branding Session – Within July & August (3 full days)
The participants will come together once more for a final debriefing and guidance as they construct an authentic personal portfolio. They will also be guided on personal statement writing and to reflect on their job shadowing experience. Students will leave their 9 Paths experience prepared to market themselves with a portfolio enriched by their newly acquired experiences and self-understanding.


9Paths (YLOT extension program)

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Personal Consultation & Mentor Matching - 1 hour/person, by appointment


    Professionalism Module 


    Job Shadowing Session - 3 full days within July and August


    Personal Branding Session - 3 full days within July and August



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